Are you frustrated with your sales results? Is your team underperforming?

Is your current team costing you thousands of dollars a month in lost revenue? Maybe you are losing employees faster than you can hire and train them? Worse yet, are your customer satisfaction results lower than you can afford?

Maybe you are in need of a better approach to driving sales from your sales team.

Avoid Coaching for Results – Rather Coach Behaviors.

Often times, sales managers will find themselves asking their sales agents these types of questions:

• How many prospects did you call today?
• Where’s your call report?
• Did you sell anything today?

The result is usually a frustrated sales agent and manager. If you have found yourself in this position, then how do you avoid those feelings in the future? How do you improve revenue, increase retention, and improve customer satisfaction ALL at once?

We suggest a different approach — it’s not all about the numbers — put aside your concerns about results and focus on behaviors.

Coach behaviors and the numbers will FOLLOW!

During a seven-year scientific study involving more than 197,000 participants in 23 countries, we discovered ONLY TWO common characteristics among successful people. These characteristics are self-awareness and authenticity. In other words, successful people are aware of their natural talents and use their natural talents to achieve positive behavior change.

There are no magic bullets to improving performance. Practice, honest self assessment, and more practice are the behaviors required to achieve improved results. Continuous improvement through spaced repetitive learning is the secret to positive behavior change. Understanding your natural talents, what motivates you to use them, and how you prefer to use them completes the first requirement of self-awareness. The second requirement for sustained success is authenticity. Authenticity occurs when you consistently apply your natural talents to achieve positive behavior change.

The ADVanced Insights Profile includes The Attribute Index™, a personal assessment tool that provides information as to how a person thinks and makes decisions; the DISC Index™ which measures a person’s natural and adaptive behavioral styles; and the Values Index™ which delivers the most comprehensive understanding of a person’s value or motivational structure. Understanding what really motivates or drives a person to implement positive behavior change is a crucial part of success.

If you want to improve your sales results, reduce employee attrition, and improve customer service results, then begin by receiving your ADVanced Insights Profile. Here’s a link to complete your FREE ADVanced Insights Profile:

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About davegregory

Dave Gregory, Chief Learning Officer for Inspired Performance Solutions, Inc., believes in the power of the strengths movement. During the past 15 years, Dave managed the Learning Solutions activities of Qwest’s Mass Markets Group, including call centers, retail stores, indirect retail, e-business, collections, alternative markets and the small business teams. Mr. Gregory graduated from Creighton University’s School of Law in 1993 earning a Juris Doctor. He completed his undergraduate education receiving a BSBA with an emphasis in marketing from the University of Nebraska-Omaha in 1990. Mr. Gregory has more than 25 years experience in business development and consulting.

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