Be honest…Are your employees following poor leaders?

In today’s business, the team leader is the main link between the organization’s goals and the people who are responsible for the daily activities that make those goals a reality. Because of the necessary and integral role that this position plays, it is obvious that good team leaders are keys to the success of any organization.

Many everyday decisions required within this role affect profits, productivity, service levels as well as attitudes and morale. With a role and function of this magnitude, it would seem logical that the process of becoming a team leader would require years and years of training. However, most team leaders have had little or no training in the required skills. Almost universally, today’s team leaders are men and women who have been promoted from being a super worker to being a team leader.

Did this happen to you? Are you guilty of promoting super workers into Leadership roles without providing them the necessary training to be successful? How much is poor leadership costing your business? Do you know who your best leaders truly are? Not the ones you like the best, which of your leaders gets more out of the talent they have than anyone else?

One more question…can you answer each of the above questions with confidence and data to back up your assessment? If you can’t, then you are likely losing thousands of dollars, maybe millions of dollars, each month you allow poor leaders to impact your customer facing employees.

The good news is you can do something about it. It’s not too late to save your employees from these deadly managers.

Use this link to learn about saving your business…






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About davegregory

Dave Gregory, Chief Learning Officer for Inspired Performance Solutions, Inc., believes in the power of the strengths movement. During the past 15 years, Dave managed the Learning Solutions activities of Qwest’s Mass Markets Group, including call centers, retail stores, indirect retail, e-business, collections, alternative markets and the small business teams. Mr. Gregory graduated from Creighton University’s School of Law in 1993 earning a Juris Doctor. He completed his undergraduate education receiving a BSBA with an emphasis in marketing from the University of Nebraska-Omaha in 1990. Mr. Gregory has more than 25 years experience in business development and consulting.

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