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Implementing The Success Formula to Improve Retention in Your Organization

When you review “The Success Formula”, you might ask yourself “What does this have to do with improving retention?” Or you might believe that creating positive behavior change (i.e. getting employees to stay with your organization) is beyond your control. This article will help you understand how you can impact behavior change.

First, you need to recognize and accept that most employees do not leave companies, they leave managers. Your first assessment to reduce attrition needs to be focused on your current managers. What behaviors are they demonstrating which might cause employees to want to leave? You need an anonymous on-line survey for current employees and an exit interview for past employees. These results should help you identify how your employees feel. If you don’t currently use these types of surveys, then you should contact us (via e-mail or call 402 707-4868) to discuss possible options which will meet your needs.

Second, you should develop a strengths profile for your organization. What common characteristics, natural talents, and behavioral styles do your top performers have in common? Can you measure these attributes today? The Attributes Index (AI) has been validated in over 28 individual validation studies, conducted over 20 years by more than 19 separate examiners. It has been proven to meet the rigorous standards for employment assessments referenced by the United States Federal Government Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Validation has also been documented in the areas of construct validity, concurrent validity, face validity, and predictive validity. The AI allows businesses to accurately assess, develop, and retain top talent.  If you are not using the Attribute Index for your team, then how are you measuring individual attributes? Has your survey been validated? If you are not sure, then you need to contact us (via e-mail or call 816-674-8112) to discuss using the AI for your team.

Third, what’s the culture of your organization? Do your current employees welcome new employees and provide mentoring? Or are new employees told about the horror stories of unsuccessful newbies? Most people want to work for an organization they can believe in with a mission which seems worthwhile. Do your employees understand “WHY” you are in business? Of course, increasing shareholders value may be the business reason, but what’s the human reason. What’s your market differentiator? WHY should your employees look forward to coming to work everyday. If you answered “to get a paycheck”, then you may be the problem and cause of poor retention. What’s your employee retention plan? If you don’t have one, then we need to talk. Call us at 402 707-4868 (Dave) or 816-674-8112 (Lee) for a free consultation about creating a retention plan.

Finally, The Success Formula recognizes Attitude, Skills, Knowledge, and Goal Setting are requirements for Positive Behavior Change and Improved Results. Have you measured each of these for each employee? Do you have a development plan for each person? If not, then you will likely continue to get the same retention results you have always gotten.

Improving retention is not difficult. You simply need to apply The Success Formula. If you need help executing The Success Formula, then contact us and we will help you determine the best plan to meet your needs.

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